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November 2013

Sviatlana Rose at 2012 Commencement

I am writing to share my experiences with you in the hopes you will support Cape Cod Community College in its tireless pursuit to help people achieve their dreams. As a graduate of CCCC, I can say without a doubt that, if I did not start my education there, I would not be studying at Boston University right now. CCCC not only gave me that
opportunity, it also gave me confidence to pursue my dream.

First, I would like to thank you for all of the support I personally received while I was studying at CCCC. Every year since I became a full time student, I was fortunate to receive different types of scholarships awarded by the CCCC Educational Foundation. Those awards helped me to carry on with my education. As a working, full-time student/parent I often found myself struggling to make ends meet. From buying books to paying bills, those scholarships went a long way. Thank you once again.

My education at CCCC began in 2006. When I took the English placement test, I did not expect to have a high enough score to be placed into college level English right away. As a recent immigrant from Belarus, I barely could form a sentence in English, let alone write a research paper. In the spring of 2012, numerous research papers later and with high honors, I graduated from CCCC with a science and pre-engineering degree. As the Commencement speaker at my graduation, I had an opportunity to reflect on my amazing experiences at CCCC.

While studying at Cape Cod Community College, I found myself, became more confident, and finally realized what I wanted to do. All that happened while I was working and being a parent of six children! I am confident that most of you can agree that being a parent is a full-time job. Being a working parent is not easy; being a working parent while being a full-time student is an endeavor like no other. Although, in a very peculiar way it is also easier than just being a working student: your focus is always on the goal. It keeps you engaged, motivated, challenged, organized, and upbeat.

When I graduated, it came time for me to spread my wings and fly into the unknown, but I was ready because of the care, support and encouragement I received from the faculty at CCCC. Now that I’m in my second and final year at BU, I realize how true and fitting is the College’s slogan, “Start here and take your life anywhere.” I am living proof of that statement.

CCCC gives a unique opportunity to working parents to set an example for their children. They are given a chance to follow their dreams; the dreams that are often forgotten or dormant because mothers and fathers have too many everyday obligations. For me CCCC is the place where I met a lot of like-minded parents and adults who were taking a leap of faith to follow their dreams.

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Even though I am only about half way through with my education, I have high hopes. I am a senior at BU, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This year I got an opportunity to do research in Professor Cynthia Bradham’s developmental biology lab at BU, and I absolutely love it. Next spring I am planning to take the MCAT to apply to medical school. I am working to become a pediatric radiologist. Once again, if I had started somewhere other than CCCC, I don’t know if I would have had so many opportunities.

I have yet to be able to give back to CCCC as much as I received from it - if that ever could be possible. This letter to you is my attempt to begin to give back to the College.

As I have mentioned before, not only did I have the support of wonderful and talented faculty, the CCCC Educational Foundation awarded me several scholarships that were of tremendous help. I know firsthand what a difference these scholarships make to students who are working and studying (and, also may be supporting a family).

I write to ask if you will consider making a contribution to the College’s Educational Foundation to support other hard-working students who attend the College. The Foundation is 30 years old and its mission always has been to raise funds to help the College. Student scholarships are an important part of their work, but they also award innovation grants to faculty, and raise funds for needed building and renovation projects.

Right now, I can’t contribute much to the College financially but I’m hoping you and many others can and will give! I know what a difference your support can make.

Thank you for considering my letter and all the best.

Sviatlana Rose
CCCC, Class of 2012

Sviatlana Rose with Governor Deval Patrick, receiving the “29 Who Shine” award in 2012.
“I have yet to be able to give back to CCCC as much as I received from it – if that ever could be possible.”
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