Sarah Colvin

Sarah Colvin began her college career in 1996, receiving an AA in the Communications field in 2010. Since graduation, Sarah has worked many hours in local television and radio. She now holds the prestigious position of News Director at the award winning Cape Media News, a local broadcast that serves the community with important local impact stories.

Sarah’s commitment to supporting and uplifting her community is unparalleled. She serves on a variety of boards, bicycles for charity, and helps raise awareness about worthy causes on Cape Cod through investigative journalism with Cape News Media. Her community impact series on addiction won the Mass Access Creator Award, highlighting the important work officers are doing to aid the crisis on Cape Cod.

Sarah has always attributed her success to Cape Cod Community College. She has often said that the school supported her and gave her the necessary skills to become a career professional on Cape Cod. She understands the needs of Cape Codder’s and takes great care to provide viewers with news that matters to them. She believes that 4C’s is intrinsic to a healthy and productive Cape Cod and that it enables people to live, work, and thrive here.